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North West Weeds logo Aug 04Weeds pose a threat to human and animal health, to primary production and to our natural environment.

Weeds kill livestock. This photo on the left is just one example: these cattle died a painful death after feeding on the noxious weed green cestrum (Cestrum parqui)!

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Aiming to assist landholders with the ongoing problem of managing weeds – including plenty of images of local noxious weeds to assist with plant identification.

Weed control can be a high, on-going cost to landholders in terms of dollars and time. Resources are always limited, so it makes sense to have a weed management plan in Map of nothingplace to prioritise and schedule weed control programs according to:

  • (1) weed status,
  • (2) optimum treatment times for each weed
  • (3) weed risk to neighbouring properties
  • (4) the budget – of course!
  • Must start with a map! Most landholders know where the problem weeds are – adding that info onto a property map helps to put the weed problems into some sort of perspective. Importantly, it helps to prioritise which weeds and which parts of the property might be reasonably managed and within budget.

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Next step is scheduling the treatment times on the property event calendar e.g. Paterson’s curse usually kicks off in June, St John’s wort in November, etc. (Click here for more info on treatment times)

NWW9159WX-St-John's wort working its way through the boundary fence - not a good look!

NWW9159WX-St John’s wort working its way through the boundary fence – not a good look!

Try and build all of these factors into your property weed management plan. You will sleep better. (And, dare I say it – when you get a visit from your friendly local council weeds officer, you’ll be one step ahead!)

The next page in this website provides some basic information for property owners, especially those new to an area, to assist in relation to plant identification, local resources and weed management options.

Otherwise, we can say the main door into this website is definitely the Weeds Index Page!

– Les Tanner, Bingara

PS. Upgrades to this website continuing – some pages yet to be finalised (links, photos) – many more new weed pages to be added as time permits…  LRT