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Welcome to our website!                   
This website is designed to provide property owners and other land managers with basic information on identification and control of noxious and other environmentally undesirable weeds found mainly in inland eastern Australia.

The main door into this website is definitely the Weeds List page, but if you're starting from scratch with a weed problem, you might prefer to work your way through the various steps, below ..

Noxious weed problem?  Where do we start?

Identification 1
The first step is knowing what the plant is so you'll be able to look up treatment options. Try browsing through our photo collection.
Identification 2
Can't match up your plant with any of the photos in this website? Have you checked with the neighbours? You just might have to talk to a local expert...

Copies of most images in this website are available for purchase. More details?Webpage updates; African boxthorn, Harrisia cactus, Mimosa bush and Green cestrum

Weed Images button (top of each page) to view plant images. Some examples below:

Harrisia cactus (Harrisia martinii) is a serious problem in parts of Qld and along the NSW/Qld border. It continues to spread south...

St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) continues to spread throughout NW tablelands and slopes. Very invasive, causes health problems for livestock...

Tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum) established in northern coastal areas of NSW. Being brought inland with cattle movements.

Mother-of-millions (Bryophyllum spp.) a garden escapee causing on-going problems in rural areas. Can be very toxic to animals particularly cattle.

Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus spp.) - an on-going and major weed problem in tablelands country, especially in the more inaccessible areas.

General info 1
You know what the plant is but you want to find out more about it? Try our plant index in this website first!
General info 2
Can't find the plant in this website? This button takes you back to the Google search page to check out the World Wide Web.
Treatment 1
Manual removal, spray, burn? If the plant has its own page in this website you will find the treatment information you need.
Treatment 2
Not in this website? Take this link to the APVMA website in Canberra to look up current herbicide registrations/permits.
Local Council
Your local council weeds officer can be your best friend when it comes to help with local weed problems!
Local sprayers
There are many local accredited weed spray contractors out there; prices range from around $65 hr for 1 to $120 for 2 operators - ex herbicide.
Other websites
Plenty of weed websites out there but it's not always easy to pick a reliable one. All the main ones you need are here.
Legal concerns
In more ways than one, having noxious weeds on your land and doing nothing about it is not a good option. There are legal requirements!

The importance of noxious weed control...

Weeds pose a serious threat to human and animal health, to primary production and to our natural environment. Weeds reduce farm productivity, displace native species and contribute to on-going land degradation and reduced land values.

The majority of landholders take weeds seriously, and include weed control programs in their property management plans. Unfortunately, there are others who do not have the resources or the will to maintain their properties as they should.

Those who do nothing are letting themselves, and their neighbours, down! They are also liable to prosecution under state legislation - in NSW for example,  the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.




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