About this website  

Officially launched in Jan 2002, this website is currently operated for North West Weeds by Les TannerLes-Tanner-pic-web (previously 40 years involved in the weeds business with NSW Lands and NSW DPI [including Prickly-pear Destruction Commission 1959-1987], then 12 years as Chief Weeds Officer with local government including Gwydir and Inverell Shire Councils).

Now “semi” retired, Les continues to manage this website primarily as a hobby. It’s a handy platform from which to promote our weed images for sale and, more importantly, a special place to preserve the Prickly Pear History story for students/historians and others with an interest in that chapter of Australian history when prickly pear caused so much havoc in inland rural areas.Facebook like logo

architectThis website continues to be a source of basic weed ID and management information for landholders in eastern inland Australia in particular, and areas beyond. At last check, this website was averaging 226 visitors and 4,837 hits per day, including many from overseas countries. That’s not bad for a “bush” website?

The North West Weeds website is acknowledged by various state and local government websites and other authorities in the “trade”. Conversely, this website links viewers to these larger websites where they can find more detailed information if required. After all, we are all on the same side!  SITE MAP

If you have any questions or comments about this website, or if you would like to come on board as a sponsor, you are most welcome to email Les on northwestweeds@aapt.net.au.

SECOND WEBSITE? Happy to announce we have a second established website http://www.ruralcontractors.com.au/ – providing a service to landholders and rural contractors alike by listing rural contractors available PER SHIRE. Please check it out at http://www.ruralcontractors.com.au/


Les & Marie Tanner
North West Weeds
20 Dinoga Street,
Bingara NSW 2404 Australia
Mobile 0488 490 026                                                                              


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