Most images within this website are for sale. All images are catalogued with a prefix NWW numbering code for identification. Some examples:

Cochineal insects on tiger pear NWW2802

Cochineal insects on tiger pear NWW2802

Coolatai grass NWW3353

NWW3353 Coolatai grass Warialda NSW

Both units need some repairs? Yetman area NSW NWW044

NWW044 Rural scene NWW044

Tiger pear (Opuntia aurantiaca) Bingara NSW [NWW2802] Coolatai grass (Hyparrhenia hirta) – Warialda NSW [NWW3353] Lonely old windmill and water tank – Yetman NSW [NWW044]


IMAGES SOLD IN PAIRS:  A + W (Click on the highlighted A and W for examples

A Original image 72dpi, 2048 x 1536 pixels. No captions, no watermarks. Purchaser can resize on Photoshop® to meet 300dpi standard,(Since early 2014 most of the images have been captured in 2592 x 1994 pixels 2.28 mB size). +
“A” (most – but not all – with embedded caption) resized to either 640×480 or 750×563 pixels. Then “saved for web” on Photoshop®, reducing the image size from around 1.2 MB to 100-180 K – ready to use on a website, brochure or  Powerpoint® presentation $$$$$$$
FIRST FIVE (5) titles in any one purchase:
$15 pair A+W
More than 5, price drops to $10.00 ea pair (eg 7 image sets = $95)

(Click on the highlighted A and W for examples – A image is 709 kB, W image is 85 kB)


PLEASE EMAIL YOUR LIST of required images to Be sure to include the NWW### reference number and perhaps the first 2 words in the file name as a double check.


Payment in advance please: cheque, EFT or Paypal  (I can email you a Paypal bill if you wish)
Banking details for EFT payment:
Beyond Bank – North West Weeds BSB 325185 a/c 01003806

Mailing address 20 Dinoga Street, Bingara NSW 2404 Australia
Email address or phone mobile 0488 490 026

(Fairly sClipart Freda smileyafe to assume we’re not going to run off with any payments in advance – we were married in Bingara in 1961 and we’re still here!)