This website is designed to provide property owners and Facebook like logoother land managers with basic information on identification and control of noxious and other environmentally undesirable weeds found in inland eastern Australia.

The main door into this website is definitely the Weeds Index Page, but if you’re starting from scratch with a weed problem, you might prefer to work your way through the various steps, below

Noxious weed problem?  Where do we start?

The first step is knowing what the plant is…

  1. Sherlock HolmesTry browsing through our Image Library
  2. Can’t match up your plant with any of the photos? Have you checked with the neighbours? They usually know most of the local weeds – certainly the important ones
  3. Consult the local government people – always available to assist are the local experts – and this includes your local shire council weeds officer who can often be your best friend when it comes to help with a local weed problem
  4. You might need to take a sample of the plant to the local council or Local Land Services for identification – keep the plant fresh (squashed in a phone book is good) and don’t drop any seeds/segment along the way! Also, the flower assists with determining plant ID
 2. PLANT INFORMATIONComputer whiz2.doc
OK. You know what the plant is but you want to find out more about it?

  1. Try looking it up in our Weeds Index first for the basic need-to-know stuff!
  2. Not there? Access other Au websites – check our Related sites page for the main ones
  3. Can’t find the plant listed in any of these websites? Try the Google search page.
3. TREATMENT/CONTROL?Peter Southwell spraying harrisia cactus - Twin Rivers area NSW - NWW012
Manual removal, biocontrol, farm, grazing, spray, burn?

  1. If the plant has its own page in this website you should find the treatment information you need. Go to Weeds Index page
  2. Not in this website? See what you can find amongst the Related Sites list. Start with NSW DPI?
  3. If considering the herbicide treatment option, go to the Australian Government APVMA website NWW2007WX-Cacto-in-common-p(Canberra) to look up current herbicide and “permit” registrations. The links to these are included in our Related sites page – first item, top of the page
  4. Again, your local council weeds officer can be your best friend when it comes to help with local weed problems

  1. There are many local accredited weed spray contractors out there; prices range from around $65 hr for 1 to $120 for 2 operators – ex herbicide.
  2. Find out who you local sprayers are on our sister web-site
In more ways than one, having noxious weeds on your land and doing nothing about it is not a good option. There are legal requirements!


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