This important piece of Australian history is divided into three (3) different, but overlapping, pages in this website:

(1) Introduction of prickly pear into New South Wales

By 1920, prickly pear was completely out of control, infesting some 60 million acres of land in New South Wales and Queensland. It was estimated at the time that the pear was spreading at the rate of one millions acres a year!  The impact on Qld and NSW graziers – especially during the war years 1914-1918 when many of the young men were away…

(2) Prickly-pear Destruction Commission (NSW)NWW0557WX-arsenic-warning-n

Established in 1924 – the history – the events – the costs – the staff – the human side of the PPDC… record of staff movements, retirements etc.

(3) Image collection as acquired over the years

Still adding more images as time permits – contributors welcome!