Contractor Dave Southwell just starting on Plot 4 - Baree Trials Apr 2013

Contractor Dave Southwell starting on a patch of velvet tree pear, Plot 4 – Baree Trials Apr 2013

This trial was commenced 24 April 2013 – with full support from property owner Mr Craig Stehr. Funded by the then Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority (now LLS), the project was managed by Les Tanner (North West Weeds). The treatment work was  undertaken by Southwell Contracting P/L (0400 402 949).

The trial was originally implemented to test six (6) different herbicide mixtures on Harrisia cactus. In the process, velvet tree pear plants present in most of the trial plots were also sprayed. Some of these plants were identified with a numbered peg and are now represented on this page.

Since the trials, the Garlon and Grazon-type mixtures have indeed done a great job on the tree pear plants – as can be seen in the following images!

Plot 4 Grazon Extra® 350 mL + 500 mL Uptake oil® + 15g metsulfuron per 100 L water (metsulfuron included because the target was Harrisia cactus). This mix works out at approximately $0.17 per litre.

Plot 5 – Garlon® 3 L + 500 mL Uptake oil® per 100 L water (original Qld registration) This mix works out at about $0.51 per litre.

Plot 6 – Garlon® 2 L + 500 mL uptake oil® + 15g metsulfuron. (Metsulfuron included because the target was Harrisia cactus). This mix works out at about $0.35 per litre.

Also on this website: main velvet tree pear page and new page covering some of the results of herbicide and biocontrol treatment of velvet tree pear trials at Peates Rd 6k east of North Star.


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