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Welcome – Why we need to control weeds?
    clip-compwhizzThese weeds each have their own webpage:
African boxthorn
African lovegrass
Athel pine
Blue heliotrope
Briar bush (Mimosa bush)
Chilean needle grass X
CNG version 2 X
Common prickly pear
Coolatai grass
Foxtail – aka- longstyle feather grassl
Galvanised burr X
Green cestrum
Harrisia cactus
Honey locust
Khaki weed X
Lippia X

Longstyle feather grass X

Mimosa bush aka briar bush
Mistletoe – friend or foe?
Osage orange
Parthenium X
Paterson’s curse
Rope pear
Serrated tussock
Silverleaf nightshade
St John’s wort
Sweet briar
Tiger pear
Tree of heaven X
Tropical soda apple

Velvety tree pear
Water lettuce X
Wild carrot X
(X = on the “to do” list)
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Weed management 
Basic information for people new to the land/area
Weeds list – the central hub of this website 
Alphabetical list (by common name) of all weeds/plants listed in this website. Similar to the list on the right hand side of this page.
Weed Images library
A good place to start if you have no ideal of the name of the plant you want to identify. Separate pages of images sorted into these (arguable) categories:
Aquatic plants
General interest (Includes some Aussie bush scenery

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Native plants
Noxious weeds
Plants other
Prickly-pear species
Images for sale

Links to local Council weed authorities, Local Land Services, Landcare groups
Find your local accredited spray: Contractors

Related sites
Links to relevant government departments
Links to herbicide companies’ websites
http://www.spraycontractors.com.au Noxious Weeds Act
Councils’ legal obligations – general info for NSW
Landholders’ legal obligations – general info for NSW

Prickly Pear History The prickly pear invasion – NSW & Qld – 1920s on
A major noxious weed: “The accommodating climate and general lack of natural enemies accounted for its amazing spread – still considered by many to be one of the botanical wonders of the world“.

NSW Prickly-pear Destruction Commission records 1924-1987-2000
I, the “webmaster” (Les Tanner) spent most of my life working on the NSW Prickly-pear Destruction Commission (PPDC – originally under Dept of Lands, then taken over by NSW Agriculture in 1975). The PP Act was repealed in Dec 1987 and those who remained were absorbed into the Department’s noxious weed and biocontrol units. And, the camaraderie that existed within the group still lingers on. It just so happens I’ve inherited a lot of photos and other documents along the way so I’ve dedicated a chunk of this website to all those people who were once part of the NSW Prickly-pear Destruction Commission…
Image collection – photos of “the old prickly pear days” 1924-1987-2000